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I put the pair of wood ducks below away for a while and painted the larger piece above, Its 24x36





2-18-15 working on a new wood duck piece.

I am working on a new small  14x9 canvasbck piece.  8-19-13

 wood duck pair



Hello I am having tech problems again . Sorry

I think the new program is working. Sorry about the delay in posting.

wood duck 1

Still working on the Wood duck.  1-27-13

hello I am starting a new small woodduck piece.


I am going to paint a mallard piece. Here is my first study, I like to do a few color studys before I start the final piece. 5-24-12,







I am starting a new Bluebird


I finished the pheasants it took a long time but I am glad I put it away for a while. When I took it out last month I made some color changes I think pulled it together.

The framed original size is 31x 44 .











11-25 I am still working the backgound ,


I took out the barn and put in a new one. Hope to finish the scene this week then I can finish painting the birds. Happy Thanksgiving


Hello I am having a problem adding photos I will try and fix asap.

11-17-2010 I am working the backgroud today ,





11-8-10 I am starting a new pheasant.I was out in South dakota last week and saw a lot of pheasants

I also saw a lot of cool old barns and building. I am thinking of putting an old barn up on the hill in this piece.
























































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